Is your conference falling into it’s boring stereotype? Matt Engelthaler, explains how gamification can make conferences fun and rewarding for stake holders  and attendees.  

In the past, the word gamification has functioned as an elusive philosophical term event organizers use to describe their goal of making their events more fun and engaging, but the definition isn’t clearly defined. What exactly does gamification mean and what exactly does it entail? Typically it has functioned as bolted on experience such as a photo, video, or a prize entry.

As event professionals, we need to be asking the right questions.

How can we use gamification to drive value for both the attendee and the event stake holder?

How can we be strategic and make those two facets blend in harmony?

In a perfect environment, gamification is a catalyst for driving value for both of the event stake holders and the conference attendees.

For the attendee, they pay to be at the event (in most cases). They pay for a pass to the event, for travel, and for meals, and even pay with their time. How can we drive value for them specifically? To drive attendees to engage in ways that is going to make their time more lucrative and educational. How do drive them to do more than they would with out gamification?

Then, at the same time, how can we use this to drive value for the exhibitors and stake holders who spend time and money trying to connect with the attendees?

How can we use the data that we have on the attendees and assets, such as sessions, exhibitors, subject matter experts, and demo stations, to actually connect people at a more personal level?

Your 5,000 conference attendees are all different, but have commonalities for attending the same conference. How can you look at your attendee buckets and drive them more specifically to a need of theirs? So a developer would have a different  journey from a marketer or CEO.

As we look at gamification in the future, we are going to see more and more of people using real-time data to drive that personal value.


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