Our platform uses event technologies, including Mobile Applications, Facial Recognition, QR Codes, BLE Beacons and RFID Tracking, to build cool experiences that drive actionable data analytics in conferencesmarquee sporting events, festivals, consumer events, and brand events.

Data Analytics & Event Technology Leaders


We created the FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform to provide ultimate event solutions by looking at events from the inside out. It’s all about the attendee and our event operating system gives you, the event organizer, complete control of your digital ecosystem. This digital ecosystem includes Social Amplification, RFID Experiential Marketing, Mobile Applications, Facial Recognition, BLE Beacons, QR Codes and more to provide actionable data analytics.

Simple Harmony

a comprehensive look at the individual’s experience through out the entire event.


Creating a memorable event experience is high priority for any event organizer, and our inside out philosophy puts the attendee front and center. By using event technologies to create an uninterrupted experience, we streamline data collection and ensure the value of your data analytics increases instead of diminishes when the event ends.


It’s how we use event technology that makes the FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform so effective. By utilizing and integrating with the best of the best event technologies such as RFID Tracking, Virtual Reality, and Registration we create social amplification and gamification which drives ROI and streamlines data analytics.


Great data is key to an event organizer’s ability to grow their event and increase ROI. What’s the secret to collecting great data? The FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform was built upon the answer – Utilizing event technologies to create uninterrupted and memorable experiences that drive and streamline data analytics.

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