The FISH Live Event Operating System™



The FISH Live Event OS™ platform utilizes event technologies, including green screen photo and video with social amplification, to tie all event interactions back to individual consumers. This approach creates a unified consumer experience, a comprehensive look at the individual’s interactions through out the entire event. This enables the inferring of brand interests to drive each consumer’s engagement and create a truly measurable event. 

The FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform

 The Experience

Understanding your fans down to the individual level, gives you, the event organizer, the ability to infer brand interests and purchasing behaviors. By truly knowing each fan, you can guide your fans to brands and turn your fans into consumers in real-time.

 The Data

All data is tied back to a specific fan. Which means we are able to track booth traffic, mobile app activity, social media, and content requests down to the individual level. This is specifically what makes the data meaningful and actionable.


FISH introduces E-key platform...(READ MORE)

FISH introduces E-key platform to drive the Live Event Operating System at the Philly Auto Show.



 Onsite Registration
 QR Codes
 Sweepstakes Entry
 Personal Microsite 


Top highlights from the super cool PAX East experience...(READ MORE)

 Top highlights from the super cool PAX East experience which featured the deployment of The FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform.



 Onsite Registration
 3rd party integration 
 Experience Stitching
 RFID Credentials 
 Photo Capture 
GIF images  
Slow Motion Video
 Personal Microsite 
 Social Sharing  



The FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform unifies the fan experience with a single interactive mechanic (QR code or RFID) which is used throughout the entire event to collect personalized content and engage in personalized experiences.  All content is sent to each consumer’s personal microsite and is easily shared on social media. 
Through our robust API, all third party technologies are easily “plugged-in”to our platform.

Better Data

Enable the consumer to truly plug into the event and drive organic data collection.

Better Experiences

Equip your event with cool engagement tools that will motivate and excite your  consumers.

Event Growth

Meaningful insights, cool experiences, and social amplification will expand your event  year after year.

Increased Revenue

Create sponsorship opportunities and actionable insights that will quickly increase ROI.

The Unified Consumer Experience 

The concept of the FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform connects individual technologies to create a seamless experience for the fan. This, as a byproduct, makes the event exponentially more measurable. 


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Before  FISH

In the past event organizers would collect a time bit of data associated primarily with ticket sales and expect their valued brand partners to collect their own data – which rarely if ever was shared with the event organizer.

After FISH

FISH Clients own and control the entire data ecosystem – centralizing attendee registration, the personalization of experiences, and the delivery of content – ensuring that all aspects of the event experience drives actionable data.