Robust Data Is Our Cornerstone




We inherently think of registration as the beginning of the process, but it is hardly the end. The FISH Live Event OS™ platform uses numerous technologies, including RFID, QR Codes, and BLE to track consumer engagements to understand where they spend time, and what aspects of an event attract and engage which types of audiences. All insights are sent in real-time to the The Live Event OS™ platform’s Data Dashboard. 


FISH works with event organizers to maximize registration and make basic registration data actionable for all stakeholders. We integrate backend CRM Data and leverage Registration Profiles in real-time to drive bespoke attendee experiences.

Behavioral Data

We measure all aspects of attendee engagement including unique and repeat visits, dwell time, content requests, and social sharing. Understanding the attendee is paramount in growing events.

Dimensional Data

Just understanding what people do is not enough – we want to know why they do what they do, and as such track all dimensional data points such as footprint size, promotions, staff, and experiential elements to understand what aspects of experiences attract and engage event attendees.

Exogenous Factors

Some factors are simply out of your control – but that doesn’t mean they should be tracked and measured like everything else. We track all sorts of exogenous data points such as weather, temperature, and location to normalize data streams and make event comparisons accurate and meaningful.


Our goal is to place the event organizer in a position of strength with regard to understanding the real value an exhibitor/sponsor yields from their investments, and (more importantly) understand what the should do from the experience perspective to maximize returns in the following years. 


The FISH Live Event OS™ platform was designed from the ground up with data security as a key driver for our clients. FISH Supports many of the most sensitive brands, and largest events where data security and encryption is paramount. The FISH Live Event OS™ is the event platform for the US Army, US Air Force, and US Navy. No one knows data security better than FISH.

Experience Understanding