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Changing the game for every event producer. 

Just a couple years ago it was believed that marquee and consumer events were unable to register attendees, and that any attempt to collect data was an unjustified privacy intrusion. FISH introduced The Live Event OS™ platform back in 2012 at the USA Swimming Olympic trials and proved that reducing friction for the consumer, by allowing them to register one time and receive an interactive mechanic that could be used ubiquitously across the entire event footprint, meant a better event for all stakeholders.
The FISH Live Event OS™ platform makes every aspect of an event measurable – including third party applications, mobile apps, beacons, and exhibitor engagement – by connecting all digital technologies to a centralized data repository that controls the personalization of experiences and the delivery of content.

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Before  FISH

In the past event organizers would collect a time bit of data associated primarily with ticket sales and expect their valued brand partners to collect their own data – which rarely if ever was shared with the event organizer.

After FISH

FISH Clients own and control the entire data ecosystem – centralizing attendee registration, the personalization of experiences, and the delivery of content – ensuring that all aspects of the event experience drives actionable data.


Building Your Perfect Event

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