Event Single Sign-on Registration = a better experience for the guest & better data for the event. next event.  

The FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform is revolutionizing the sporting event industry for professional sports leagues and teams with Single sign-on registration. Years ago, FISH Technologies looked at the system for fan events and saw that the system was very flawed from 3 key prospectives. 

1.  The fan’s prospective 

2. The brand’s prospective

3. The event organizer’s prospective

From the fan’s prospective, their event experience and engagement is bogged down the amount times they have to input their data manually. At each brand sponsor experience, the fan must manually re-enter their information on an iPad or a piece of paper to do the value exchange at the experience; such as photo activations and contests. FISH Technologies realized that eventually fans reach an inherent point of friction where they shut down and no longer engage brand sponsors. They stop giving up their data.

This obviously impacts all the other brand sponsors at the event. From the brand sponsor’s perspective this means less engagement, less data, and a more challenging event.

From the event organizer’s prospective, they do not have access into the fan data that is collected. Their brand partners are not sharing it upstream. Therefore they do not have a great idea of who their fans are, what their fans are doing onsite, and how they, as the event organizer, could drive and enhance the fan’s experience.

Thus, FISH Technologies launched The FISH Live Event Operating System™ platform which operates with a Single sign-on registration.

Gone are the days where fan’s have to enter their information multiple times.  Single sign-on registration allows the fans to only register once during the event. Then through an interactive mechanics, QR code or RFID badge, the fans engage brand partners and their data instantly shared.

This allows the instant sharing of digital content, seamless contest participation, and other experience opportunities.  This seamless platform frees up time for the fan and makes room for more engagement as a whole which in turns drives more data and a better experience.

The Live Event OS


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