3 ways to increase sponsor engagement at your conference.  

Sponsor engagement at a conferences has a history of being difficult execute. Traditionally, event organizers are using an expo hall to house sponsor and exhibitor  booths as a means to engage attendees, sale and demo products and services, and talk about what’s new in their industry. FISH Technologies, strives to improve this event model by taking the B2C world and applying it to the B2B world to make sponsor engagement more fun and more engaging. 

Here are 3 ways event organizers can apply FISH Technologies’ strategy and increase sponsor engagement at their conferences.

1.  Fesitvialization. 

No this is not a real word. It’s a term coined by FISH Technologies to describe applying the festival event model to the conference space. What does that mean exactly? It means mimicking sponsor activations deployed at festivals or sporting events that are fun on brand experiences. This extends the attendee and sponsor interaction outside of the traditional business card exchange and on screen demos. The goal is to create buzz and atmosphere in the sponsor’s booth, which attracts more attendees and hold’s their attention. As a result, this creates a better world for your attendees and sponsors which is also more attractive to non-endemic sponsors that are looking to attach their name to a cool event thats consumer facing.

2. Infer Attendee Interests 

Event organizers and producers do a great job driving attendees to the expo hall, but how do you go further and drive the right attendees to the right sponsors? FISH Technologies takes a big interest in using inferences of an attendee’s interests to help direct them to the right places in the expo hall.

3. Gamification

Using scavenger hunts and other gamified platforms on top of a conference experience is more than just a catalyst for overall engagement, but it also drives engagement that is valuable. See https://liveeventos.com/gamification-conferences/ for more on Gamification


Ultimately, by deploying one or all of the platforms above, not only will engagement increase and provide value for your sponsors, but you attendees will have an more fun and engaging experience.


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