No one likes waiting in lines, including your fans! Stephen Person explains how Virtual Line can maximize your fan’s time at your next event.  

The Virtual Line system is making waves in the  world of sporting events. The system attacks the challenge of  maximizing experiences for those who are willing wait in line for an excess amount of time. Sporting events host some of the worlds most marquee opportunities. For example, fans are willing to stand in line for four to five hours for a photo opportunity with the Lombardy Trophy or the Stanley Cup Trophy. For them, this is the moment they came for. 

However, five hours standing in line doesn’t sound like a great event experience AND what about all that time  in general? Basically, we all agree that it’s a poor use of time. From the event sponsors prospective, time is exceedingly valuable and if their potential consumers are trapped in line, how will they ever build a connection?

The Virtual Line system solves this problem. This is how it works:

1.  The fan goes onto a reservation system and choose a time slot.  

2. The fan freely engages the rest of event

3. The fan receives a reminder 15 – 30 minutes before their time slot

4. The fan goes back to the activation, goes through a fast pass line and participates. 

Quick. Simple. Painless.

Now, all that time spent waiting in line is now spent interacting with sponsor partners and other cool experiences at the event. The Virtual Line system frees up that wasted time for the fan to participate in more brand activations and experiences. 

The Virtual Line system, can certainly be used at any type of event. It could be used for reserving time slots for a ride and drive at a auto show, a meet and greet at a music festival, a demo at a conference, or a make over with a makeup company at a brand event.

Overall this enables any event organizer to use technology to provide a seamless event experience and that is pretty cool. 

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