Are you struggling with your event data? Mike Gilvar has the solution that every event organizer should know about.

Mike Gilvar, CEO of FISH Technologies, explains how individual event technologies such as; event registration, lead retrieval, session tracking, green screen experiences, virtual reality experiences, mobile apps, social media, event websites, and many more, can be unified to create a seamless event experience which as a byproduct makes the event exponentially more measurable. 



Event organizers have been, for a while, bringing together individual technologies and treating these technologies as unique silos that are compartmentalized from each other. These are things like event registration, lead retrieval, session tracking, exhibitor experiences such as green screen and virtual reality, mobile apps, social media, and event websites.

The concept of the live event operating system platform connects these individual technologies and makes sure all technologies are working together to create a seamless experience for the attendee. This, as a byproduct, makes the event exponentially more measurable.

The Live Event Operating System has two driving tenants:

  1. Empower the event organizer to control the collection of data.
  2. Enable the event organizer to control the delivery of content.

These two directives are enablers for turbo charging the attendee experience.

“For a long time now we have heard event organizer struggle with making data analytics actionable. We believe the root cause of their struggles has always been that they are looking at data at 30,000 feet and almost with out exception we hear event producers grown that they have lots of interesting data analytics, but just don’t know what do to with it.”
– Mike Gilvar, CEO FISH Technologies

When an event deploys the FISH Live Event Operating System platform, all data is tied back to a specific attendee. Which means we are able to track sessions, mobile app activity, social media, and content requests down to the individual level. This is specifically what makes the data meaningful and actionable.

Understanding attendee behavior means we can infer interests and challenges, truly know what each attendee is seeking and then leverage that data in real-time to guide them to event offerings. Including sessions, exhibitors, subject matter experts, and even other attendees that are the solution providers that make the event worth attending.

The Live Event OS

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